Social Media Videos

Jumpstart Video Productions is the go-to vendor for clients who need great video content for their social media platforms. Through a commitment to the role of go-to or reliable vendor, Jumpstart Video producers are able to collaborate with clients to come up with creative, fun and effective video content for social media.  By clearly defining the service offerings as video production and not digital marketing services Jumpstart Video has become a trusted partner to consultants, designers and firms operating in the digital marketing space. A dedication to the role of social media video content producer makes Jumpstart Video the perfect resource for agencies, website designers and developers or digital marketing firms.  For many entrepreneurs or DIY marketing professionals developing a social media strategy in-house Jumpstart Video has become the go-to vendor for social media video content production. Whether the client has their social media strategy developed and scripts ready to go or they haven’t even set up a Facebook page or YouTube channel the team at Jumpstart Video embraces the opportunity.  Common themes in the world of social media videos include short and sweet, fun, shareable, educational, relate-able, educational, viral and campy. Some clients come to Jumpstart Video with their theme and concept ready to go, others collaborate early on with the production team for ideas. The team at Jumpstart Video Productions is well versed at either taking the lead or following the clients lead. All of this plus a fun culture, a collection of case studies showing results and a commitment to client success are just a few of the many reasons to consider working with Jumpstart Video Productions to create social media video content.