Our Work

What We Do

High Quality Production

Core capabilities include concept development, audio and video editing, along with impressive motion graphic or 2D animation services. Jumpstart Animation specializes in video production and editing using existing, client supplied assets. Whether it is photo or video that you shot yourself, or existing assets you want to re-use, Jumpstart Animation can create stunning custom videos for TV advertising, websites and social media.

Fast Project Turnaround

The business model at Jumpstart Animation is built on turning a project around quickly, without sacrificing quality. Your deadline will be met, even if it is only a few days away. Jumpstart Animation editors take great pride in crafting a compelling video in the time allotted.  Of course the producer will tell you if the request and the deadline are not going to agree.  After all, this is the communications business!

Industry Leading Value

Jumpstart Animation provides unmatched value.  Everyday the Jumpstart Animation team demonstrates a commitment to delivering the perfect blend of quality and turnaround time under the given financial perimeters. We have the production crew for any project, and the production level for any budget. By embracing the underfunded with enthusiasm Jumpstart Animation has a built a track record of proven ROI and client trust.